Wills Furniture specialises specialises in the design and making of fine bespoke furniture. The company recently moved from London, England and is now based on the Eastern Shore in Easton, Maryland.


Matthew Wills

Several years ago I followed a passion and trained as a furniture designer and maker with Marc Fish at Robinson House Studio in Sussex, UK. 

I originally worked as an engineer, designer, draughtsman and project manager in the construction industry, on projects as diverse as multi-million pound high-tech buildings in the city of London to historic houses.  This range of work has given me a wealth of experience in the use of many types of material, as well as a strong grounding in the principles of design and function.

I have always had a passion for art history and architecture, and draw on a range of sources for inspiration, styles and techniques, depending on each client's particular wishes.  Whatever the project at hand, I have learned to truly appreciate the principles of fine craftmanship and the importance of an acute atention to detail.


Matthew Wills Furniture Maker

A special piece of furniture should be unique and of the highest quality. Good design and craftsmanship are everything

Commissioning Furniture

The design process

Wills Furniture Study Plans

Commissioning any piece of bespoke furniture should be a highly personal and individual experience. It is a collaboration between client and maker that is both rewarding and exciting for both.  My clients are involved in the process as much as they wish in order to create a piece that is exactly what they want - and is unique.

One of the most important steps in the design process is our initial discussion to establish an outline design brief. This allows us to discuss the form, function and overall look of the piece. Often, this is a discussion best held in a client's home or office in order to picture how the finished article may look in its final position. In turn, this enables me to start producing hand sketches and a general outline design as a starting point for further discussion.

Once we have agreed an initial design, I can develop the project further, producing more detailed drawings, 3-dimensional images and material samples or scale models if necessary. We can then amend and fine-tune as required, until we arrive at a design with which you, the client, are totally happy.

Depending on the complexity of the project, I may ask for a deposit to cover design time, which will be refunded against the final project cost.


The production of your piece

Once a design and the materials to be used have been agreed, I can produce a detailed budget and timescale. At that stage I will require a 50% deposit in order to procure materials and proceed with the making.

Quality and workmanship are essential elements of my work, and therefore a great deal of care and consideration is invested in every piece of furniture, from the initial choice of wood and veneers to the final assembly. My clients are therefore most welcome, indeed encouraged, to visit the workshop to see and engage in the development of their piece.


Case Study - Gentleman's Dressing Table


Gentleman's Cherry Dressing Table - detail

Hand-crafted from North American cherry and cedar of Lebanon.

The base is carved from solid cherry, the circular top is laminated and the interior is lined in soft suede leather.



If you have a specific project in mind or are interested in commissioning a unique piece of furniture, please email or call using the contact details below.

I want my clients to enjoy something that is both beautiful and practical


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